Wheel flat detector

The wheel flat detector (WFD) uses sensors mounted into the rail webb to measure the propagation of the shock wave in the rail, generated by the dynamic force acting on the rail from a wheel flat. The signals from the sensors are processed in real time so that the data of the vehicle passage are available after a few seconds.

By compensate the measured shock wave for the attenuation in the rail, the number of sensors can be reduced, and the accuracy and MTBF will also be improved. 


The WFD uses an in-motion rail-weighbridge with mutifunctions sensors therefore it also possible to measure wheel, axle, vehicle and train load.

Wayside analyze computer software can calculate net, tare and gross weight, detect wheel with flats and also out of balance axle load, bogie load, front/rear load, left and right side load and unadjusted bogies. 

The system is able to measure when values exceed preset thresholds and alarms could be sent to those responsible.

It is importand to detect wheel flats and faulty loads to prevent derailments, wheel bearings failure caused by overload, vibration, shock waves, breakage of the rail and to reduce the maintenance cost of vehicles and tracks. 

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