Dynamic weighing system for railway vehicles

The weighing system weighs the train or its load while the train is in motion. The weighing system can also be used for calculating the number of passengers in carriages and for loading systems with automatic feedback to ensure that the load will be as optimized as possible.

The installation work is simple and can normally be done without interrupting traffic and is of a pitless weighbridge type. The only work that needs to be done on the track is to drill holes for the sensor mounting bolts and to install cable conduit tubes in the railway line embankment. 

The weighing system can be used in three ways, i.e. standing alone, connected to a network or to a weighing system server. Weighing can be done fully automatically and can be initiated from a signal box, for example. The weighing results can then be transmitted to predetermined recipients by the network. Weighing can also be initiated manually.

On connection to a train data system or if the train is weighed before and after loading, the net weights of the wagons can be calculated, and invoicing documentation can then be sent to predetermined recipients.

The weighing system is quality assured and is tested in cooperation with the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute (SP) and the Norwegian Metrology Accreditation Service (Justervesenet). Approval has been obtained for use within the speed range of 4 - 25 km/h in accordance with OIML R106, Class 1.

Wayside analyze computer software can calculate net, tare and gross weight, out of balance axle load, bogie load, front/rear load, left and right side load and detect unadjusted bogies. 

The system is able to measure when values exceed preset thresholds and alarms could be sent to those responsible.

It is importand to detect faulty loads to prevent derailments, wheel bearings failure caused by overload, breakage of the rail and to reduce the maintenance cost of vehicles and tracks. 

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